Conference 2020

Welcome to the Mercian Collaboration's 2020 academic libraries conference microsite. Due to lockdown and the pandemic, the event will be held Tuesday 8th September 2020 entirely online, and is exclusive to staff from member organisations.

Cyber Eye

The event is facilitated by the Mercian Conference Group, who will update information here as it becomes available. Contact the Conference Group chair or Development Officer for any questions, or follow the conference's Twitter hashtag (#Mercian20)


  • Dissolving Barriers: Inclusivity and Diversity within Academic Library Practice.

Delegate Eligibility

Attendance at the Mercian Conference is only open to attendance by library staff from Mercian member organisations, and representatives of level one corporate sponsors. Spaces for non-Collaboration members may be available, at the Conference Group Chair's discretion, please contact us for details.

Delgate Information

To minimise paper waster, we will not be providing hard copies of the programme or other materials. Delegates unsure of the sessions they book should speak to the event reception desk team. Please note, we do not automatically confirm delegate bookings, so contact us if you wish to confirm your booking. Also see our cancellation policy, should you be unable to attend.

Speaker Information

Sponsor Information

Note, Sponsor representatives who have qualified for attendance, do not need to register as delegates.

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