Events are generally organised by the Mercian's Special Interest Subgroups, with the Staff Development Group having a particular remit to deliver an annual programme of development events for member library’s staff.

Event Suggestions

We always welcome suggestions for themes or topics for future events. If you’ve got an idea or request for a particular theme or event you’d like to see, please contact us and tell us your thoughts.


Physically hosted events are normally only open to attendance by library staff coming from Collaboration member organisations. Exceptions to this rule are made at the hosting venue’s Library Director’s (or equivalent) discretion or on application to the Steering Group in their absence. 

While online events are also primarily hosted for and marketing to library staff from Collaboration member organisations, academic library staff from institutions outside of the region may be admitted at the event organiser’s discretion.

Attendees from commercial organisations are not normally eligible to attend Collaboration events, unless specifically invited as speakers by the host or as the result of conference sponsorship arrangements.

Note: Most events continue to be online only, unless otherwise noted.

Code of Conduct

All attendees should conduct themselves as they would in a professional, workplace environment. Session hosts are empowered to mute or remove any participants breaching these expectations during the event. Please see our Online Events Etiquette guidance for more details.

Upcoming Events

Title Date Location Description
Navigating the AI Landscape with students: Our Library's Approach 25 March 2024 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm Online event   How can libraries realise the promise of AI learning tools while navigating risks and concerns around academic integrity? In this session, we will discuss how DMU library is guiding students on using AI tools for research and learning. Our focus is on nurturing critical skills while retaining control over the technology and preserving academic integrity. We'll share our initiatives and explore challenges.  Presenter: Marie Letzgus (Senior Assistant Librarian – De Montfort University)  As a Senior Academic Librarian supporting Law at DMU, Marie’s focus extends beyond law students to encompass innovative methods and e-learning tools for enhancing information literacy and critical thinking across all student groups. Her interest in technology has drawn her towards generative AI and she has been actively involved in facilitating discussions with colleagues, as well as creating guides and workshops for students, to foster an understanding of these tools. This approach centres on practical application: leveraging new technologies to refine our information skills teaching and assist students in navigating the evolving digital landscape during their studies and beyond.  Audience:  Principally aimed at academic liaison & academic skills support staff, but anyone with an interest in AI and libraries is welcome  If you have any questions or further enquiries, then please contact or 
Trans Awareness in the Library - April 2024 17 April 2024 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm Online event This virtual workshop with an external facilitator is for all Library staff, particularly those in outward facing roles. The session aims to provide an opportunity to build confidence and familiarity in all matters trans. This bite-size learning event takes the form of a conversation, rather than a lecture, and is both reflective and interactive. Participants will be encouraged to raise questions and thoughts throughout. The session includes break-out rooms using case studies where attendees can share thoughts and experiences with colleagues. The event will be facilitated by Dr Kit Heyam, a Leeds-based transgender awareness trainer, academic researcher and activist specialising in public sector, higher education and non-profit organisations. They will draw on their own expertise in trans policy guidance and UK equality law, as well as experiences as a member of HE academic and support staff, charity coordinator, student, and as a trans person. Audience: All library staff Location: Online (Zoom) Click here to book for this event:  (please note: the access code 1234 will be needed to view the event and make bookings) Registration closes: Friday 12th April, 12pm Further Enquiries: Please contact Cheryl Gardner, Senior Library Manager (Live Engagement), The Open University,