Events are generally organised by the Mercian's Special Interest Subgroups, with the Staff Development Group having a particular remit to deliver an annual programme of development events for member library’s staff.

Event Suggestions

We always welcome suggestions for themes or topics for future events. If you’ve got an idea or request for a particular theme or event you’d like to see, please contact us and tell us your thoughts.


Events are normally only open to attendance by library staff coming from Mercian member organisations. Where attendance for staff from outside the Collaboration is available, it will be highlighted in the event description.

Note: Due to the Covid-19 public health crisis, physical events from March 2020 onwards are currently postponed.

Upcoming Events

Title Date Location Description
Steering Group Meeting (Apr '21) 20 April 2021 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm Online meeting The next meeting of the Mercian Collaboration’s Steering Group will be hosted online Tue 20th April 2021, and will be the first meeting of the new 2021-2023 Chair and group members. This meeting is an opportunity for the Steering Group members to review outcomes and guidance from the Directors Board, as well as consider reports from subgroups and tackle matters of governance and operational business. Attendance is open to elected members of the Steering Group and any invited guests. To learn more about the Steering Group and its activities, please contact the Collaboration’s Development Officer ( Audience: Steering Group members and invited guests only Format: The meeting will be hosted on Zoom, and delegates will need to have access to a webcam and microphone to participate. Agenda: The agenda for this meeting is available online. Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting are available.
Virtual Networking: Talking about Learning 22 April 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm Online event (Zoom) The next in the popular series of virtual network discussion sessions will be held Thursday 22nd April 2021. Designed as an informal space for wide-ranging discussions, driven by participants interests, these sessions are designed to appeal to staff working at all levels and sections of the academic libraries. Attendees should come ready, willing and able to chat with a small group of colleagues from across the region. This time the initial focus will be on learning and teaching, and communication with our users and will touch on questions including but not limited to: Is the student learning experience continuing to evolve, or has it reached a stable plateau? How have library interactions and communications with its user community evolved from the early lockdown reactive approaches? How are we achieving authentic engagement with our learning communities? What are the challenges, obstacles and workarounds you currently face in delivering an effective learning environment? What tips, advice or guidance could you share about teaching and educational practices over the past year? As always, there will also be the opportunity for participants to shape the direction and topics of discussion on the day. Platform: The event will be hosted on the Zoom platform, which means you will need a device (PC, tablet, smart phone) with a microphone, and ideally a web camera turned on, to participate. A link to the login information will be sent to ahead of the event. However, if you are unable to see or access this link by the day of the event, please contact Gareth J Johnson ( to receive the information directly. Audience: All library staff Hosts: The event will be co-hosted by Sarah Pittaway (MSDG, Worcester) and Gareth J Johnson (Mercian Collaboration). To ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak, places on this event will be limited. You can find advice on using and installing Zoom on the Collaboration's website. Booking: Follow the link to the EventBrite page below. Details of how to login will be sent a day ahead of the event. For further information contact the Officer. --- Articles on past virtual networking sessions can be found on the Collaboration’s news pages.
Staff Development Group (June '21 Meeting) 15 June 2021 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm Online meeting The Summer meeting of the Mercian Staff Development Group (MSDG) will be hosted online Tuesday 15th March 2021, 2pm. This meeting will be a chance for member representatives to catch up with plans for future events along with discussing the evaluations and outcomes of recently organised sessions. This meeting will take a more detailed evaluative look at the past year’s programme, and look to see what lessons can be drawn for developing future events. Audience: Staff Development Group member representatives Format: The meeting will be hosted online, and attendees will need to have access to a webcam and microphone to participate. Agenda: An agenda will be available nearer the time. Minutes: Past minutes are available. For more information contact group chair Sarah Pittaway ( or Admin Officer Teresa Jordan (