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Presentations & Recordings - All the Same Nottingham ('22)

Materials, content and outputs from the recent and highly popular All the Same, But Different event hosted by and at the University of Nottingham are now available.

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Recruiting Online and Being Recruited Online – Recording and Presentations

Slides and the session recording from this recent and timely event from the Mercian Staff Development Group are now available online.

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Exploring Difficult Customer Situations

Kate Marshall reports on a recent online event aimed at supporting frontline staff in techniques and approaches for handling difficult customer situations.

Organised by the Mercian Staff Development Group (MSDG), and facilitated by Diana Edmonds and Sue Daly from Bridgford Consultancy, the virtual workshop aimed to enable delegates to explore tools and techniques for handling the awkward and sometimes emotional customer situations dealt with by those in frontline customer service roles within library teams.

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Reporting on Crowd Control: Library Bookings in a Lockdown Landscape

Kirsty Kift reports on a recent event reviewing space management and access during the ongoing pandemic.

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Final Virtual Networking of the Year Brings Reflections on Staff Learning Journeys

The end of a very different year was a time to consider the skills, aptitudes and challenges of the continued online support pivot for academic library staff.

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Third Virtual Networking Event Explores Staff and Student Experiences at a Distance

The power of silence, the challenge of reopening and the opportunities of the new normal all come up for discussion in the third virtual networking event!

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Opening New Doors with a Visit to the Open University

Loughborough’s Joanne Culpin reflects back on a recent event hosted by and about the Open University library service.

This was a very interesting and enjoyable day which included an introductory talk and tour prior to lunch and then a selection of activities and talks in the afternoon, from which we were able to attend three from the following list of options:

1) Libopoly: A fun take on the classic board game that demonstrates the Library’s role in module production.

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Call for Contributions: Decolonising the Academic Library

An invitation for contributions to a Mercian Collaboration Staff Development Group event organised jointly by De Montfort University, Leicester and Leicester University.

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Collaboration Conference Builds Bridges into a Challenging Future

The Collaboration makes it three in a row, with its third successful conference hosted at the University of Nottingham.

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Inclusion Getting Back to the Basics

Two reports from the Mercian Disability Forum’s first event demonstrate how delegates had a timely moment for reflection and learning, around enhancing accessibility support.


Vicki McGarvey, Staffordshire University


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