Recordings & Video

This page contains a mix of session recordings and pre-recorded videos presented at the Collaboration's 2021 conference. These are shared, unless otherwise noted, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Sharealike licence (CC BY-NC-SA).

Live Sessions

Chris Porter, Mercian Collaboration Chair
Conference Welcome
Chris Porter,

(Mercian Collaboration Chair)
Emma Cragg's keynote presentation
Emma Cragg
Session 1A Video
Blurring boundaries: supporting our students from home,
Gillian Siddall & Hannah Woods

(Session 1A)
Session 1B1 and 1B2
Research Libraries & External Funders, Mark Eccleston,
& Growing Your Own Podcast, Gareth J Johnson

(Session 1B1 & 1B2)
Scott Chesworth's presentation
Escape [to] the Library Goes Digital,
Scott Chesworth

(Session 2A)
Recording of short talks in session 2B
Anna Pelekanou,
Lesley Thompson & Sam Greasley,
Alison Ashmore & Beth Montague-Hellen,
Steve Bull et al.

(Session 2B1, 2B2, 2B3 & 2B4)
Welcome slide with title of Collaboration's 2021 conference
Welcome Day 2
Gareth J Johnson

Collaboration Chief Officer
Cover slide to session on creating a virtual service for information skills
Creating a virtual and screen-to-screen service
Ruth Curtis, Jane Freeman, Catherine Shipley
& Ella Wharton

(Session 3A)
Cover slide for the short talks in session 3B of the 2021 conference
David Palmer,
Simon Satchwell-Giles
Tom Rowley

(Session 3B1, 3B2, 3B3)
Session 4A Library communication in times of adversity
Library communication at University of Birmingham
in times of adversity
Steve Bull & Claire Browne

(Session 4A)
Slide cover for short sessions 4A1 and 4A2
Academic Skills in an Online World, Joe Carey,
& Supporting Students Online, Allie Taylor 

(Session 4A1 & 4A2)

Pre-Recorded Presentations

Dave Palmer - You're always bringing your work home with you!
Dave Palmer:
You're always bringing your work home with you!
Gareth J Johnson - Everyone's talkin' at me
Gareth J Johnson:
Everyone's Talkin' at Me.
 Supporting students to make the leap to an online world via academic skills and peer learning.
Polly Harper:
Transition (and Adaptation).

Rhiannon Taylor - Unlocking Library Resources and Research Skills Through a Virtual Treasure Hunt.
Rhiannon Taylor et al:
Unlocking library resources and research skills through a virtual treasure hunt.
 A differentiated approach.
Sam Thomas:
Inclusive online teaching for ‘one shot’ academic skills workshops.
Steve Bull - Building our PGRs’ sense of belonging.
Steve Bull et al:
Building our PGRs’ sense of belonging.

>Conference 2021 talks - playlist

Reasons to be Cheerful

These pre-recorded inserts from staff across the Collaborations membership, were presented in-between the main conference papers. Each represents a personal and professional insight into individual resiliency in the face of a challenging period for academic libraries and their staff alike.

Chantelle Willcox - Reasons to be Cheerful
Chantelle Willcox
Dave Malloy - Reasons to be Cheerful
Dave Malloy
Karen Jackson - Reasons to be Cheerful
Karen Jackson
Lizee Oliver - reasons to be cheerful
Lizee Oliver
Reasons to be Cheerful - Michael Hart
Michael Hart
Susan O'Sullivan - reasons to be cheerful
Susan O'Sullivan

>Reasons to be Cheerful 2021 - playlist