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Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 11:30 to 15:30

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The Mercian Metadata Group (MMG) are running their first e-forum of 2021 on Wed 24th March.  

Considering the current situation and the ongoing shift to digital first the event will discuss the myriad aspects of e-book metadata management. This discussion will necessarily be broad in scope, drawing on the experience of Collaboration members. Effectively any topic which touches on how we deal with eBook metadata is in scope for discussion. Discussions will be broken down into 7 topics: 

  1. Batch loading vendor records via subscriptions (e.g., Springer, Proquest) 
  2. Knowledgebase records (e.g., Alma community zone, OCLC WorldShare) 
  3. eTextbooks 
  4. eBook record quality 
  5. Vendor neutral records 
  6. Individually purchased/catalogued records 
  7. Esoteric eBook collections 

Other topics of discussion are welcome and there will be a general topic thread for this purpose. 

Audience: Anyone with interest in or involvement with management of eBook records. While primarily a Collaboration event, external delegates are welcome to join to view the discussions and contribute as a guest. 

Requirements Each participant will need to create an account on the Mercian Metadata Group e-forum via the link below. It is recommended participants visit the forum prior to the event to read the notes for each topic and if possible, prepare some notes to contribute. 


  • 11:30  Welcome and introduction 
  • 11:35  Batch-loading vendor records 
  • 12:00 Knowledgebase records 
  • 12:25 eTextbooks 
  • 12:50 Lunch break 
  • 13:50 eBook record quality 
  • 14.15 Vendor neutral records 
  • 14.40 Break 
  • 14.50 Individually catalogued records
  • 15.30 Conclusion and general discussion  

Once the discussions are finished for the day anyone may continue to post to the topic areas. 

For more information, or to register your interest in attending – contact Will Peaden (w.peaden@aston.ac.uk).

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