About The Mercian Collaboration

The Mercian Collaboration is a professional network formed from SCONUL higher education libraries based in the East and West Midlands of England.  Any Higher Education library service based in the Midlands, who are SCONUL members, are eligible for membership. The Collaboration provides a space to work together to explore training and development, and to seek efficiencies on behalf of our institutions and the wider community. Members draw on their own and each other’s good practice and ideas, as well as their awareness of relevant ideas and developments from outside the Collaboration.

While a Steering Group and the Collaboration's Officer manage operations, the Mercian Collaboration works in a number of way to achieve and further its aims, including:

  • Developing and progression a Collaboration action plan and programme
  • Holding meetings to conduct Collaboration business 
  • Offering Member events, as well as working with other groups to provide training and development opportunities for awareness-raising, skills development and professional thinking to support the range of Members’ requirements
  • Engaging the skills and experience of Members’ staff in shared approaches to opportunities and challenges
  • Developing relations with and learning from others who share similar interests

The Collaboration funds its activities, through levying membership charges and through other agreed means. Cost models are proposed annually by the Treasurer, on behalf of the Steering Group, for consideration by Members.


Directors of Member Libraries form the Collaboration's governing body, whom elect a Steering Group which has oversight of the Collaboration's activities and ensures progress of its plans. The Steering Group holds separate meetings, and comprises a Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer, with the Development Officer serving as an ex officio member and secretary.  Steering Group officers normally serve a 2 year period of office, and are eligible to stand again after this period.  Notably, the Vice Chair normally succeeds as Chair. Other Directors are co-opted as required to ensure a broad representation of interests from across the membership on the Group.  

The Collaboration normally meets twice yearly (normally March and October), with Library Directors expected to attend the meetings.  Special Interest SubGroups maintain their own meeting patterns, and report to the Directors via formal and informal routes. The Steering Group normally meets four times annually, via telecon, although additional meetings are sometimes requested by the Chair.

Executive Support

The Mercian Collaboration Development Officer  is employed by SCONUL on behalf of the Collaboration, and reports directly to the Chair.  Their role is to assist the Mercian Collaboration in achieving its agreed objectives including delivering shared projects, services and development opportunities across the region.  Additionally, they facilitate communication and encouraging the exchange of experience and expertise among members.  They also provide a vital link, by liaising directly with subgroups, as the Steering Group's official representative.  They are the primary point of contact for all external enquiries, and the Website maintainer for the Collaboration.