SDG Terms of Reference

  1. To share workforce development plans to identify shared training needs and economies of scale where appropriate and to inform programme.
  2. To work in conjunction with the Directors Group to develop and deliver an annual Staff Development Programme informed by the identification of shared training needs. To include the needs of any Mercian Collaboration projects as well as knowledge exchange activities.
  3. To monitor activity and liaise with other Collaborations to inform programme planning.
  4. To evaluate all staff development activities to inform future planning.
  5. To provide the Directors Group with an annual headline report on staff development activities undertaken and the planned future programme. To receive feedback on that report from the Directors Group.
  6. Collaborate with the Mercian Conference steering group to ensure complimentary programme of training.
  7. To evaluate the terms of reference of the group every two years in line with officer elections, and make recommendation to the Directors Group if amendments are necessary.

Revised, Updated and Approved: Directors’ Meeting, 13th March 2017