Sponsorship Policy

Periodically, the opportunity arises for companies to sponsor the Mercian Collaboration through supporting our events and engaging with our membership. The Collaboration’s Steering Group annually approves a policy regarding sponsorship levels, and the degree of engagement on offer as proposed by the Conference Group. Further details of the opportunities for the current year, are detailed in our sponsorship policy below.

Events in the coming year which include opportunities for sponsorship are:

  • Mercian Collaboration Conference 2022: September 2022, Online Event

Our events draw delegates from all staff seniority levels and areas within Collaboration member libraries, including: service directors, senior managers, budget holders, specialist practitioners and core frontline teams. For expressions of interest please contact (mercianconference@gmail.com), Finance & Sponsorship Coordinator, Conference Group.

For general questions relating to the Collaboration and its activities, please contact Dr Gareth Johnson (mercianlibrariescollaboration@gmail.com), Executive Manager, Mercian Collaboration.