Events Calendar: 2019

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Tue 8th Mercian Disability Forum University of Nottingham
Fri 18th Digital Literacy Coventry University
Wed 30th Regional Collaborations’ Annual Colloquium UCL, London
Mon 4th Conference Group University of Birmingham
Thu 7th Negotiating & Influencing Skills Aston University
Fri 8th Copyright Group Meeting De Montfort University
Tue 12th Access to Resources De Montfort University
Thu 14th  Steering Group Meeting Telcon
Thu 21st All the Same, But Different: NTU Nottingham Trent University
Tue 19th MSDG Committee Meeting University of Worcester
Tue 26th Directors' Board Meeting Birmingham City University
  RDM Skills & CPD Meeting University of Birmingham
Wed 27th What Do Final Year Students Need to Know? Aston University
Mon 1st Mercian Disability Forum Coventry University
Mon 8th RDMSG Planning Meeting University of Leicester
Wed 10th Conference Group University of Birmingham
Fri 10th Steering Group Meeting Telcon
Wed 15th All the Same, But Different: Northampton University of Northampton
Wed 22nd The Learner Journey University of Derby
Mon 10th Copyright Group Meeting Aston University
Mon 17th Conference Group Meeting Loughborough University
Wed 26th MSDG Committee Meeting Northampton University
Thu 18th MDF Committee Meeting DMU, Leicester
Fri 9th Marketing & Communications Group Meeting Birmingham City University
Wed 14th Steering Group Strategic Planning Meeting University of Birmingham
Tue 20th The Future of Cataloguing Aston University
Tue 3rd MSDG Committee Meeting University of Nottingham
Thu 5th Copyright Group Meeting Loughborough University
Tue 10th #Mercian19 Annual Conference University of Nottingham
Thu 10th Directors Board Meeting Bishop Grossetesste University
Wed 30th Legacy Metadata eForum Online Event
Wed 20th Marketing & Communications Committee Birmingham City University
Wed 27th Senior Staff & Deputies Event University of Birmingham
Fri 6th All the Same, But Different: Open University Open University
Mon 9th MDF Committee Meeting Coventry University
Wed 11th Steering Group Meeting Telcon

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