Recruiting Online and Being Recruited Online – Recording and Presentations

Slides and the session recording from this recent and timely event from the Mercian Staff Development Group are now available online.

Final Virtual Networking of the Year Brings Reflections on Staff Learning Journeys

The end of a very different year was a time to consider the skills, aptitudes and challenges of the continued online support pivot for academic library staff.

Reflecting on Decolonising the Academic Library

One of the organisers provides a detailed report on the recent decolonisation event, which is a very hot current topic in academic libraries.

Inaugural Online Networking Event a Virtual Success

A pilot event drew delegates from across the Midland academic libraries to discuss their personal experiences of keeping services, and themselves, up and running during the pandemic lockdown period.

Adapting to the New Normal

An update on some of the developments at the Mercian Collaboration, as we begin to adapt to current challenging working environment.

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