Conference 2017: Outputs

This page collects together presentation slides, recordings, tweets and other items relating to the Mercian Collaboration's 2017 Conference, In Libraries We Trust


Keynote Eric Stoller Getting Digital: Trust + 21st Century Libraries [Recording]
Session 1 Allie Taylor, Victoria Collins & Madalene George You only get what you give [Recording]
Session 2 Dawn Hibbert The Shifting Sands of Open Access [Recording]
Session 3 Mark Toole CBeyond Building Trust - Co-design and Co-delivery.  
Session 4 Cheryl Cliffe & Daren Mansfield Do they trust us, do we trust them? [Recording]
Session 5 Kate Courage Students as partners: Library Associates at Warwick University Library [Recording]
Session 6 Gareth Cole, Laurian
Williamson and Ben
Creating a trusted
RDM support network
Session 7 Beck Maguire & Carol Keddie Texts for Every Reader.  
Session 8 Eric Stoller Using Digital for Listening and Leadership  
Session 9 Lydia Matheson, Joe Carey & Dave Palmer Building Trust and Engagement with Students by Linking Enquiries to Communications [Recording]
Session 10 Kaye Towlson Placing the library at the centre of
institutional trust
Session 11 Georgina Dimmock and Fiona
Re-envisioning academic services at the University of Northampton for the 21st century  
Session 12 Louise Savage Understanding and responding to student reading strategy behaviours,
practices and needs
Session 13 Mandy Harper, Ann-Marie
James and Tamasine Ashcroft
In data we trust? [Recording]
Session 14 Anna Pelekanou From aspiring to being WISE.  

Note: Not all speakers were willing to share slides or have their sessions recorded.

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